For the Love of Education


This book is a reflection of my personal journey from poverty and dire circumstances to earning a PhD in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was challenged while writing this book as I reflected on my personal struggles and how difficult it has been for me to pursue education as an outlier. Thankfully, I feel strongly that the finished product is one that I am compelled to share with you.

‘For the Love of Education’ speaks to how important education has been to my personal journey. The book also articulates how we can adopt a more proactive approach to engaging young men and women of color who otherwise look past what true love and a genuine desire for education can do in their life.

Your support would mean so much to me, and would certainly provide me with the continued motivation to speak and live the life I’ve adopted as an educator in pursuit of excellence. By ordering my book and supporting my events, you will help to expand my thoughts while giving me a greater platform to share my story and inspire others to embrace the benefits of education and a love of learning.

We are living in a period that requires all of us to take on more responsibility in shaping our communities. This book is my first step in making a difference, and your support would have an immeasurable impact on my mission.

I am asking you to please support one or all of the ‘For the Love of Education’ products and/or events. I am grateful to you, and appreciative that you will take the time to support me as I support others.

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