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2016 was all about loss, if we listen to the narrative being told. Everybody lost someone or something. I too am transitioning through a few losses that can be attributed to 2016. To be honest, on May 14, 2003, my grandfather transitioned and I hope I never stop feeling the effects of that loss! In fact, that date is tattooed on my left forearm under a quote by Frantz Fanon that reads, “Make of me always a man who questions…”

I began writing this, what is supposed to be our last blog of 2016, a couple weeks ago as I returned from our trips to Toronto, Canada, Brussels, Belgium and Kigali, Rwanda. This blog was to detail the exhilarating ride of 2016 we’ve been on through this vehicle of hope and help we call iNvictus Forward Outreach. Since 2010, we have dedicated energies and efforts to providing aid, technical support and mentorship to minorities and densely populated communities of color. The cornerstone of our efforts, since our inception, have revolved around entrepreneurship and education as a means to lifting these often ignored markets of people. Our once proprietary minority entrepreneurship curriculum has evolved into the iNvictus EMERGE (Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Economic Development, Research, Growth in business(es) and Education) program. In our infancy, we touted the success we were experiencing and bragged about our growth; over 300 companies in such a small time frame and a success rate as high as the nation’s attrition rate for entrepreneurial ventures. However, as with any successful endeavor, growth was a two-edged sword for us.

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