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Organizations consistently bring Dr. O in because his engaging, interactive, high impact, learning centered messages gets them results!

Dr. O will always work with you to customize his presentations to the specific needs of your team. Below are some topics organizations, companies, and colleges have brought Dr. O in to speak on.

For The Love of Education

In For the Love of Education, student success expert Dr. Omar Simpson offers a blueprint for students, parents, and educators to shift love to the center of the educational journey by sharing insights, stories, and research to powerfully address many of the issues facing education in America.  This signature keynote provides a crucial guide for how students can achieve the ultimate educational success!

Check out the best-selling book, For the Love of Education by Dr. Omar Simpson!

Promoting Student success

For Students

In this keynote presentation, participants learn the secrets of student success, how to maximize the educational experience, and the keys to thriving through the transition to the next phase of their education and career.  Dr. Simpson shares stories from his inspiring educational journey to motivate audiences to master the art of overcoming obstacles, embrace & attack change, and focus on self-discipline to execute despite procrastination, distractions and circumstances.

For Educators & Administration

In this keynote presentation, Dr. Simpson shares critical research, proven strategies, and transformative innovations to drive student success. Dr. Simpson delivers solutions that work for schools and colleges to increase overall performance and success for all student populations, no matter the challenge. This presentation helps organizations and educators increase equitable outcomes for all students, from enrollment to graduation and beyond.


For too long, leaders have faced challenges managing the increasing social and cultural differences in the workplace and in university environments. Dr. Simpson is a leading expert in developing equity-centered approaches that create more inclusive environments on college campuses and workplaces. 

Dr. Simpson shares how to build and leverage inclusive thinking to increase sense of belonging, strategies for creating equitable spaces, and how to sustain thriving inclusive communities. This talk provides opportunities for meaningful reflection, self-assessment, and engagement in real-world exercises designed to genuinely move individuals and teams forward.

Our Diversity is Our Strength: Exploring Identities

This empathy-building workshop helps teams build trust and awareness around key diversity & inclusion concepts. This interactive and engaging workshop creates compassionate space for team members to reflect, explore their identities and engage with each other at a deeper level, while building the foundation from which to continue the D&I journey.


The most successful people in the world attribute their success to their networking and relationship building capabilities. Meeting people, making connections, and promoting yourself can position you to serve others and attract rewarding opportunities. This presentation will offer you key strategies to successfully navigate through your selective networks and to build and sustain meaningful relationships. During the interactive presentation, Dr. Simpson offers opportunities to practice new networking strategies and make connections with the audience.

Personal Branding 101

If you’re looking to become an authority in your field and capitalize on your areas of expertise, creating a personal brand is a critical step in your journey. Personal branding is your pathway to communicate your value to the world. Your personal brand is how people remember you – your expertise and skills and it speaks for you even when you’re not in the room. Having an established personal brand keeps you top of mind for partnerships, collaborations, and invites. In this interactive presentation, you’ll craft or refine your personal branding strategy. You’ll learn how to differentiate yourself in the market through personal exploration, impression management, industry research, and well-defined areas of expertise. In addition, we will investigate your social footprint and learn how to use social sites to control your narrative and create opportunities.

Dr. Simpson engaged our faculty and provided thought-provoking concepts and strategies to strengthen our efforts to achieve “Inclusive Teaching for Student Success.” His message on the design of inclusive courses, strategies for creating equitable educational spaces, and how to sustain thriving communities is well-aligned with our Mission and Goals. We look forward to engaging with Dr. Simpson again in the future.

– Dr. David Spang

Sr. Vice President and Provost, Rowan College at Burlington County